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The Appium Ecosystem

Appium has an ecosystem of related software and tools. In this guide we'll discuss important officially-supported and community-supported projects.

Appium Inspector

Appium has a graphical client which can be used to manually perform Appium commands, inspect app hierarchies, view screenshots, and more. It's very useful for Appium test development. You can learn more about the inspector here: Appium Inspector


You can't use Appium without at least one driver! Here are the drivers that are currently maintained by the Appium team. Click on the link for each driver to see the specific installation instructions and documentation for that driver.

To learn more about what drivers are and how they work, check out the Driver Intro

Driver Installation Key Platform(s) Mode(s)
Chromium chromium macOS, Windows, Linux Web
Espresso espresso Android Native
Gecko gecko macOS, Windows, Linux, Android Web
Mac2 mac2 macOS Native
Safari safari macOS, iOS Web
UiAutomator2 uiautomator2 Android Native, Hybrid, Web
XCUITest xcuitest iOS Native, Hybrid, Web

And of course, you can install any other drivers you find out there by using the Appium driver CLI.

Other drivers

These drivers are not maintained by the Appium team and can be used to target additional platforms.

Driver Installation Key Platform(s) Mode(s) Supported By
Flutter --source=npm appium-flutter-driver iOS, Android Native Community
LG WebOS --source=npm appium-lg-webos-driver LG TV Web HeadSpin
Linux --source=npm @stdspa/appium-linux-driver Linux Native @fantonglang
Roku --source=npm @headspinio/appium-roku-driver Roku Native HeadSpin
Tizen --source=npm appium-tizen-driver Android Native Community / Samsung
TizenTV --source=npm appium-tizen-tv-driver Samsung TV Web HeadSpin
Windows --source=npm appium-windows-driver Windows Native Community / Microsoft
Youi --source=npm appium-youiengine-driver iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, tvOS Native Community / You.i


If you maintain an Appium driver that you would like to be listed in the Appium docs, feel free to make a PR to add it to this section with a link to the driver documentation.


You need clients to write and run Appium scripts. To learn more about clients, read our Client Intro. Here is the list of known Appium clients. You'll want to become very familiar with your client documentation (as well as the documentation of any Selenium client that the Appium client depends on) since that is what you will use as your primary interface to Appium.

Client Language Supported By
Appium Java client Java Appium Team
Appium Python client Python Appium Team
Appium Ruby Core client (Recommended)
Appium Ruby client
Ruby Appium Team
Node.js Community
Appium .NET client C# Appium Team*
RobotFramework DSL Community

In general, any W3C WebDriver spec-compatible client will also integrate well with Appium, though some Appium-specific commands may not be implemented in other clients.


Appium Plugins offer ways to extend or modify Appium's behaviour. This is the list of plugins that are currently maintained by the Appium Team:

Plugin Installation Key Description Supported By
Execute Driver execute-driver Run entire batches of commands in a single call to the Appium server Appium Team
Images images Image matching and comparison features Appium Team
Relaxed Caps relaxed-caps Relax Appium's requirement for vendor prefixes on capabilities Appium Team
Universal XML universal-xml Instead of the standard XML format for iOS and Android, use an XML definition that is the same across both platforms Appium Team

Other plugins

Plugin Installation Key Description Supported By
AltUnity --source=npm appium-altunity-plugin Target Unity games and apps for automation with a new context, via the AltUnityTester framework HeadSpin
Device Farm --source=npm appium-device-farm Manage and create driver session on connected android devices and iOS Simulators. @AppiumTestDistribution
OCR --source=npm appium-ocr-plugin Find elements via OCR text @jlipps
Reporter --source=npm appium-reporter-plugin Generates standalone consolidated html report with screenshots. Reports can be fetched from appium server, without worrying about heavy lifting such as screenshot capturing, report generation etc. @AppiumTestDistribution


If you maintain an Appium plugin that you would like to be listed in the Appium docs, feel free to make a PR to add it to this section with a link to the documentation for the plugin.

Helper tools

The following tools might also be useful for Appium users:

Name Description Supported By
appium-installer Help set up an Appium environment for Android and iOS @AppiumTestDistribution