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Appium Clients

You need a client to write and run Appium scripts. You'll want to become very familiar with your client documentation (as well as the documentation of any Selenium client that the Appium client depends on) since that will be your primary interface to Appium.

To learn more about clients, read our Client Intro.

Official Clients

These clients are currently maintained by the Appium team:

Client Language
Appium Java client Java
Appium Python client Python
Appium Ruby Core client (Recommended)
Appium Ruby client
Appium .NET client C#

Other Clients

These clients are not maintained by the Appium team and can be used with other languages:

Client Language
WebdriverIO Node.js
Nightwatch.js Node.js
RobotFramework DSL

In general, any W3C WebDriver spec-compatible client will also integrate well with Appium, though some Appium-specific commands may not be implemented in other clients.


If you maintain an Appium client that you would like to be listed in the Appium docs, feel free to make a PR to add it to this section with a link to the documentation for the client.