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Welcome to the Appium documentation! Appium is an open-source project and ecosystem of related software, designed to facilitate UI automation of many app platforms, including mobile (iOS, Android, Tizen), browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), desktop (macOS, Windows), TV (Roku, tvOS, Android TV, Samsung), and more!

Appium is extremely grateful for the support of its key partners! (Learn more about our sponsorship program and contributor compensation scheme here)

Explore the Documentation

  • Check out the Introduction to make sure you understand the key concepts
  • Go through the Quickstart to get set up and run a basic Android test
  • Visit the Ecosystem page for a list of drivers, clients and plugins you may want to use
  • Refer to the CLI Reference for using Appium from the command line
  • See the Command Reference for a list of commands exposed by Appium and plugins
  • Read the different Guides for a variety of instructions, tips and tricks
  • Check out various third-party Resources to explore Appium around the web
  • For creating your own Appium extensions, see the Developer documentation
  • For contributions to Appium itself, refer to the Contributing page