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Announcing BrowserStack as Appium's Strategic Partner

We have another exciting announcement for you! As part of our recently-announced sponsorship and contributor compensation program, we are obviously in need of significant funding to support giving back to our contributor community. We are therefore extremely happy to announce one of our brand new exclusive Strategic Partners: BrowserStack!

BrowserStack has long been recognized in the industry as having extensive support for Appium, allowing you to run functional and visual regression tests for your native and hybrid apps at scale across a variety of devices and platforms.

As a token of this collaboration, BrowserStack is extending a special premium access of BrowserStack App Automate product to Appium users. Discover more about this special offer at

With the decision to come on board as Strategic Partner, BrowserStack is making a huge investment in Appium and the Appium community. BrowserStack is very interested in supporting the development of the Appium contributor base, and is proud to be a key part of our contributor compensation scheme. Without Strategic Partners like BrowserStack, we would not be able to maintain such a program! We welcome them with gratitude!

About BrowserStack

BrowserStack is the world’s leading software testing platform powering over two million tests every day across 19 global data centers. BrowserStack helps Tesco, Shell, NVIDIA, Discovery, Wells Fargo, and over 50,000 customers deliver quality software at speed by moving testing to their Cloud. BrowserStack’s platform provides instant access to 20,000+ real mobile devices on a highly reliable cloud infrastructure that effortlessly scales as testing needs grow. With BrowserStack, Dev and QA teams can move fast while delivering an amazing experience for every customer.