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Quickstart Intro

Let's get up and running with Appium! To successfully use this quickstart, it's recommended that you first have read the Introduction, so that you understand the concepts involved in running Appium and writing Appium scripts.

The basic plan for this quickstart is as follows:

  1. Install Appium
  2. Install an Appium driver and its dependencies
  3. Install an Appium client library in your language of choice
    • This guide contains options for JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby, and .NET
  4. Write and run a simple Appium automation script using a sample application


Before getting started, make sure your system satisfies the requirements for running the Appium server. Additional requirements will be discussed in conjunction with installing the UiAutomator2 driver. The guide also assumes you have basic command line proficiency on your platform, for example being able to run commands, set and persist environment variables, etc...

Now you're ready to get started! So head on over to Installing Appium.