Setup Command-Line Usage

The setup command aims to simplify the initial procedure of setting up Appium. It allows to install multiple extensions (drivers/plugins) in one go, without the need to run appium <ext-name> install <ext-name> multiple times.

The command has several presets that can be used to install different sets of extensions. The presets are as follows:

Preset Installation Command Included Drivers Included Plugins
Mobile appium setup mobile or appium setup uiautomator2, xcuitest1, espresso images
Desktop application appium setup desktop mac21, windows2 images
Desktop browser appium setup browser safari1, gecko, chromium images

Attempting to install a preset while already having one or more of its included extensions installed will only install the missing extensions.

Refer to the Ecosystem documentation to learn more about the extensions listed above.

  1. Only installed if the host machine is running macOS. 

  2. Only installed if the host machine is running Windows.