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Appium Drivers

You can't use Appium without at least one driver! Click on the link for each driver to see the specific installation instructions and documentation for that driver.

Generally, drivers can be installed using their listed installation key, with the following command:

appium driver install <installation key>

To learn more about drivers, check out the Driver Intro.

Official Drivers

These drivers are currently maintained by the Appium team:

Driver Installation Key Platform(s) Mode(s)
Chromium chromium macOS, Windows, Linux Web
Espresso espresso Android Native
Gecko gecko macOS, Windows, Linux, Android Web
Mac2 mac2 macOS Native
Safari safari macOS, iOS Web
UiAutomator2 uiautomator2 Android Native, Hybrid, Web
Windows windows Windows Native
XCUITest xcuitest iOS Native, Hybrid, Web

Other Drivers

These drivers are not maintained by the Appium team and can be used to target additional platforms:

Driver Installation Key Platform(s) Mode(s) Supported By
Flutter --source=npm appium-flutter-driver iOS, Android Native Community
Flutter Integration --source=npm appium-flutter-integration-driver iOS, Android Native Community / @AppiumTestDistribution
LG WebOS --source=npm appium-lg-webos-driver LG TV Web HeadSpin
Linux --source=npm @stdspa/appium-linux-driver Linux Native @fantonglang
Roku --source=npm @headspinio/appium-roku-driver Roku Native HeadSpin
Tizen --source=npm appium-tizen-driver Android Native Community / Samsung
TizenTV --source=npm appium-tizen-tv-driver Samsung TV Web HeadSpin
Youi --source=npm appium-youiengine-driver iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, tvOS Native Community / You.i


If you maintain an Appium driver that you would like to be listed in the Appium docs, feel free to make a PR to add it to this section with a link to the driver documentation.