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Contributing to Appium

Appium is open source, available under an Apache 2.0 license. Appium's copyright is held by the OpenJS Foundation, and Appium receives contributions from many companies across several software industries, regardless of their competitive status. (3rd-party drivers and plugins are available under the licenses provided by their authors.)

As such, we welcome contributions! The project moves forward in relation to the investment of contributions of code, documentation, maintenance, and support from companies and volunteers.

This section of Appium's documentation is for those who are interested in contributing to Appium's development. It contains developer overviews, guides, and notes. Use the navigation menu to find a specific topic. All the information in these guides assumes in-depth familiarity with Appium already.


Developer information may not be kept up to date as frequently as user-facing information, or it may be most relevant in its current form on the online repository, not in this published version. Always be sure to check the repo or discuss with maintainers. We're always happy to help new contributors get started!

Ways to Contribute

The project offers a variety of ways to contribute, e.g.:

  • contributing code
  • improving documentation
  • creating educational content (blog posts, tutorials, videos, etc.)
  • spreading the good word about the project (e.g. via Twitter)
  • filing bugs if you discover them while using Appium
  • making feature requests if you are missing something in the project or help triaging bugs
  • supporting users in the Appium forum